Friday, October 30, 2009

Boys Photos

A few weeks ago after church on the way home I stopped at the Baily Riverbridge Park at the foot of the Ormond Bridge. The boys weren't as happy about this as I was but I wanted to take some pictures of them dressed in their church clothes. As you can see I got some really good pics some weren't as good because there were sour faces from the fellas. It was really hot and sticky out along with the fact that Jacob and Jared don't like to have their picture taken so you will see more of Dylan who really likes to have his picture taken. I have printed most in Black and White. I love B/W pictures the one you will see are all in color. The third pic is Dylan doing his Michael Jackson move. I took about 200 pictures so by the time I was done the boys were cranky and hot. I hope you enjoy the few I have posted.


Radka said...

Good day. You have a nice blog. Have a nice day. Radka.

Celeste said...

Those are great pics!!!!