Friday, August 21, 2009

catching up

This summer I haven't been updating my blog much so this is a catch up post. For the first part of the summer the boys were busy with going to different camps but the second half of the summer we haven't don't anything. I work most of the time so when I get off it is just the normal routine of making dinner, cleaning up after dinner, maybe playing a game with the boys, reading books, doing house chores that have not been done during the day or on my day off. I am so glad school is starting this coming week. It will at least give the boys something to do during the day. Baseball is starting soon and so is flag football they want to do.

Emotionally this summer has been really tough on me. Mood swings left and right, up and down. Just fighting to except my circumstances since I have such a strong desire to stay home with the boys and I really wan to go back to school to further my education now that I have grown up. Still not knowing what I want to be but I want to go to school. I will keep praying and smiling.

My daughter and her husband moved to Jacksonville this July. So that has been really exciting. She has gone back to school and will graduate in May of 2010. I love being able to see her weekly.

Last week Mark bought a rotisserie at a yard sale. It was the best thing that has been purchased this entire summer. So far we have used it 3 times and the meat has turned out YUMMY! Some of the best tasting meat I have had in a long time. I will make a post on this. I did take pictures. Mark find some really great things at yard sales. Most of my house is furnished with stuff from them.

The boys didn't go to visit their dad this summer. I am sure this makes them sad since they haven't seen him since last November. Hopefully they will get to see him at Christmas.

Well that is it all my summer excitement. I hope everyone has had a great summer with their families.


Janet said...

You'll get what you want when the time is right. Keep praying. :)

Rob, Brooke and Caleb said...

That's great that you are going to go to school. I want to do that at some point too.

Kuntry Momma said...

annetta... things are going to be ok. i hope you are having a good day today.