Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My little mechanic

Yesterday I was riding around with Mark doing errands after we dropped off my car to get fixed. So I wound up at the YOU PULL IT! junk yard looking for a power steering pump for his work van that he has been driving around in for a while without power steering. I really like going just not when it feels like 100 degrees out and sweat is already dripping off every part of my body because there is NO A/C in this van either. It took a while but we were able to get one off another van in the yard. The only good thing that came from it besides we found the part we were looking for is I GOT SOME SUN, I have been trying to make it to the beach on a day off without any luck. The main point of this post is that when I went home at lunch today this is what I found. My 12 year old son Jacob under the van installing the Power Steering pump. He looked so grown up under there and very serious like he knew exactly what he was doing. I thought is was so cute I ran into the house to get the camera. Now everyone who knows Jacob knows he HATES his picture taken. As you can see in a couple he was trying to cover his face so I couldn't get the shot. So now I know if Mark isn't around for some reason and my car breaks down I have atleast one mechanic in the house to help me fix it. How did I get so lucky!

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Merrianne said...

WOW! you have a Future Mechanic on your hands there!!!!
when he is finished with your car... i need him to look at mine :)

Merrianne said...

Guess What??????

You are one of the people that I picked to PAY IT FORWARD TO!!!!!!!

just email me your address and then be on the lookout for a package in the mail :)

callmemerrianne @ aol .com

Emmy said...

Very lucky! My Lucas loves everything mechanical, so give him a few years and I bet he will be right there with your son :)