Friday, July 17, 2009


Today is my Boo(Ali/Nikkole)and Cord's 1 Anniversary. I don't know what they have planned for today but I hope they have a great day together and take some pictures for future memories. Next year on their 2nd anniversary they will be having the BIG WEDDING as she puts it since they didn't have one before Cord we out to Sea. She is married to a wonderful guy that spoils her rotten and is very good to her. She picked a winner in my book!

I am so happy they moved to Jacksonville three weeks ago. I have missed her so much over the past three years. Now I can go visit often and she can come see me.

Love you guys!


Ashley said...

Thanks so much for entering my giveaway and following my blog! Happy anniversary!!!

Jeanette said...

Ah cute picture! They look so happy! I'm glad! :)