Friday, June 5, 2009


Yesterday was Dylan's last day of Middle School. Sometimes I can't even believe he made it through. Dylan is a very good test taker but HE doesn't like to study, do classwork, turn in work even if he has it done, homework but loves to socialize. He gets mad at me because he thinks I want him to be perfect in school. He just doesn't see I just want him to do his best and doing nothing is not your best. Well my baby is on his way to HIGH SCHOOL! Going to hang with the BIG KIDS. This really scares me to death. He has started going through puberty in the past couple of months. Sprouting up at every turn, putting on weight, filling out, getting hair in places he has been praying for years he didn't want any of it (HAIR) at all (LOL), acne on his face (but hates to be told to keep his hands off or go wash your face, attitude and the dreaded GIRL factor. It seems like yesterday my little Turtle(his nickname) was just crawling around and jumping out of his crib. He was walking at 8 1/2 months and hasn't stopped for a moment since. I am very excited for him, all the new adventures he will be experiencing but very scared for me having to deal with all those new hormones he and his brothers will be developing. Before I know it they will all be grown up and I will be very lonely. I keep trying to convince them to stop growing up and stay a kid but they are not listening to me like LIKE ALWAYS! Isn't he getting to be a handsome fella. Dylan is a lot like his mom. Cares about everyone and isn't afraid of showing his emotions. I just love the sensitivity he shows towards everything.

The Turtle is trying to stay in his shell and not get up.

The Worm is trying to stay in his spot and not stir around

My bumblebee is not buzzing anywhere. He is trying to sleep in>

As you can see they are all trying to sleep in, hoping that I will let them sleep and not have to go to school. This is funny to me since NOT one of them has ever slept in a day in their lives until now. The longest I have ever experienced my kids sleep in is 6:30am/7:00am. A normal day is 5:30 in the morning for these fellas. Now all of a sudden it is I want to sleep in they all have been trying to convince me all week that I should let them sleep in and skip school. RIGHT like that is going to happen. They better be ready to go get a shot from the doctor or dieing before I let them stay home.

My other problem this morning was trying to get a good picture of all of them to send to their Grandma Evans. This is what they gave me. Dylan loves his picture taken but the other two hate it.

I just love their silliness they seem to have all the time but I would love to get the perfect serious picture sometimes. Have a great SUMMER!


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They are all so big now. They were just little boys when we first met you guys! Time is going too fast!!!