Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boy Scout Camp

It started off great. The boys were really excited about going. All packed up and ready to leave on their week long adventure of Boy Scout Camp. For Dylan this is old school but for Jared and Jacob this is going to be a new adventure. This is their First year at Boy Scout Camp so lets be on our way

See they are all smiles and ready to GO!


The drive was about an Hour and twenty minutes not to bad. Finding the camp site that was another story. I got lost driving on those dirt paths to site #23. Cell Phones didn't work out here either so I couldn't call for help. I drove into several different camp sites asking how to get there. Finally we were made it.

Dylan was all smiles as he had his same tent buddy Jacob Brewer he has had for the past three years. Lets go back to Dylan's first Boy Scout camp. He was miserable and HATED IT! He called several times wanting to come home. I thought this was weird since he loved Camp Winona. When I got to family night it was terrible as Dylan whined, cried and begged to go home. MOM was mean as he had to stay. Since then he has started to enjoy it. This year he earned all of his badges he took classes for from camp. Dylan had a great week. Thank You Lord, at least there was one!

Now here is were the problems start. Jacob and Jared do not like to share anything together. Now they are assigned to be tent buddies. Jared is the first to start being very vocal about this. It escalates from there during the week. Now I left them at camp for the week. Not knowing if I could make the family night since I work late.


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I didn't make it to family night and lets just say Dylan was fine but Jared and Jacob had a few rough patches during the week. It started the first night. They kept everyone up. I don't know exactly what they were doing but it was talking,yelling, fighting, etc. I still haven't got the clear picture of that night yet. Now there is Jared mad because he doesn't have a fan and can't sleep in the activity center but Dylan gets to. So he slams or throws his cot in his tent not sure how that went down. They were both not listening and being very disrespectful to the leaders an others in their troop. Lets just say it was a disaster first year at Boy Scout camp. I was very embarrassed,disappointed and mad to hear of everything that went on at camp. I would have sent them home if I were their leaders. Now this summer is going to be a big learning experience for them to understand several things. Respect, Authority, Listening skills, when to speak and not to speak (Jacob has a habit of thinking he knows everything!), Caring about someone else besides themselves, Consequences for your actions and how they effect others not just yourself. My kids aren't perfect and I don't expect them to be but I do expect them to use their manners. This past week they must have forgot themselves and about MOM. I hope next week at camp Winona will be better. They have been there for the past three years without any problems and I hope that continues. I hate putting bad post on here but I was told I only post the good things and I should post good and bad. So here it is.

PS. I want to apologize to the Leaders, their troop and everyone who was at the camp with the boys.

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Emmy said...

Sorry :( I know when it comes to being a mom I am such a codependent and if my kids are being bad I put it all on myself. But I am trying to get over that and realize sometimes no matter how much I teach them they will still be little stinkers sometimes.
But I love them anyways.. and all of that bad stuff is soon forgotten.
Hope they have more fun at the next camp.