Thursday, May 21, 2009

To My Surprise!

A couple weeks ago to my surprise I came home from work and found my little fellers reading books. It was so cute. They were in my living room (mine because they aren't suppose to be in there since they have their own)but it was cute anyway. One was on my couch and the other on the love seat READING!!! I was so surprised and excited I got my camera out right away and started clicking away. I just had to get this for evidence that One, they were in the same room together not fighting and Two, they were reading especially Jared. He has professed to hating this activity loudly. When I went o download the pictures something happened with the computer and my camera. They have been completely erased off the camera and disappeared on the computer not to be found. For the last couple of weeks they both have really been into reading these books. The James Patterson Maximum Ride series and the Alex Rider books. Since there is no television being watched or XBOX games during the week. Only homework, studying or family games and even reading allowed. You can find a book in there hand often lately. After two years of this rule in the house you would have thought they would have picked up a book before now but that wasn't the case. So I am so happy to see this going on since I love to read. Dylan started really reading a few years ago when he would want to see a movie and I made it a rule to read the book first if it was based off a book. Now Dylan loves to read and enjoys them greatly. It was so cute to hear Jacob laughing as he was reading the other day. I was in awe. I was able to take a couple of pictures last night of them reading. They hate their picture taken so I have to sneak the camera in the room with them and CLICK!

Jared reading in the Florida room. Not wanting me to take this

Jacob reading in the massage chair getting a massage.

Alex Riders book series

James Patterson's Maximum Ride Series


Merrianne said...

AWESOME!! it does a momma's heart good to see her yunguns readin like that!!!!

Janet said...

That is always a beautiful sight to see your kids reading. :)