Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rain, Rain and More Rain!!

I know we really needed all this rain. I was even doing a rain dance in my head/imagination that is how bad it war really needed. I/We got a lot more at one time than needed. So far over 20 inches in 3 days. The boys school was evacuated on Weds. for the flooding on school grounds. They were bused to the High School on beachside which didn't make any since to me. Why would you take all those kids and move them from the mainland side to the beachside that is sitting between the river and the ocean? I will never know there logic in it. We had a lot of car problems all day yesterday. Starting first thing. Dawn, Mark's sister-in-law her tire blew in this mess and needed a ride which Mark was on his way there to help when the mini-vans brakes locked up and couldn't move. Later that afternoon Mark, had another problem getting stuck in flood waters trying to get to Kenny my step-father who had just had surgery and can't get out of the house. The streets were all closed from flooding and the rain was still coming. On my way to work yesterday I took some pictures of the beautiful river view I get to drive by every morning it wasn't the same view I normally get. Docks underwater, yards flooded, houses flooded, streets underwater. Everything is in a terrible mess. My work place was completely flooded in the parts and service department from the streets outside being underwater and people driving crazy through the water making waves that would go directly into the shop area. I still love the rain just wishing we didn't get so much at once.

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Shauna said...

Hope you have a super weekend!
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