Saturday, May 9, 2009

My visit with Ali in Va

This was a short visit with my Boo after getting off the Tiger Cruise. I was able to visit for a couple of days before heading home. I hadn't see Ali in over a year so it was very exciting to me to be able to stay a couple of days. I miss her so much daily and wish we could be close by each other. I know she gets tired of me calling but she is still my baby girl! Enough of that now back to the visit. We were so busy running around after getting off the ship. Ali had already booked our rooms so we didn't have to do that. She had it in her mind to go shopping in Williamsburg at the outlets, so that is were we went after eating at a Japanese Steak house which I just love so much. Cord and I were really starving after eating what they had on the ship. I really like the show they put on while you they are cooking. The next morning it was off the Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. Before I go any further I am afraid of heights so roller coasters and I don't really mix well but I love amusement parks and go every chance I get to. When Ali was 13 we went to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando. I got on all the Roller Coasters with her and her friends just to prove I could do it and so I didn't look chicken in front of all her Friends. I don't mind them so much at night when I can't see how high up I am. We had a lot of fun goofing around, eating and shopping for a couple of days.

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Rob, Brooke and Caleb said...

Your trip looks really fun! I love Williamsburg!