Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Tennis Boys

It has been awhile since I have updated everyone on what the boys have been up to. Since we don't live in Port Orange anymore the boys were unable to play baseball this season as Ormond starts their season earlier than Port Orange. So the boys are playing Tennis. They are loving it even Jared who is so upset that he hasn't been able to play football the last 2 years because he is under-weight. He is trying to put it on so he can possibly play this next season. I don't see him putting that much weight on. The boys are growing so much Dylan is just under 5'5 (5'4.75"). He will be as tall as me (5'6) by summer. He is taller than Ali since she is only 5'1. Jared is 5' exactly and Jacob is 2 inches shorter than Jared. I don't know how that is since they are identical twins. He even weights 9 lbs more than Jacob as well. I just can't believe my babies are almost as big as me and will be grown soon. This saddens me deeply. Dylan is already talking about colleges! I can't believe it he will be in high school in the fall. Where does time go?

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Merrianne said...

time goes by too fast, doesn't It??