Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tennis Season Comes to an End.

Last night was the end of the boys spring tennis season. We didn't win but did come in second place by two points. The boys old Middle School won first place. Dylan thought he should be in their team picture with the trophy since he did actually go to that school for half of the tennis season but we made them play for their new school OBMS. This was the first season for Middle School Tennis that was actually put on by Tennis Center in town and not the schools system. It went very well and was pretty organized for being the first season. They made the scoring pretty fair since some schools like Creekside had 23 players and others like OBMS only had 6 players. Half of the OBMS team was my boys. This was a great opportunity also for students that have never played before to try something new. Since our school system in Volusia County and all over Florida is doing away with all sports in Middle Schools, Ninth grade sports and Jr. Varsity sports in the up coming year unless we raise $100,000.00 to save Jr. Varsity. We need to keep our children active an involved in sports and activities that are positive for them or they will be left to themselves to get into trouble and be idle.

After the games last night they had awards and food. Over head the sky was turning black and here came the rain. At first the kids and adults were scurrying to get under cover then all of a sudden the kids started playing in the rain and having food and ice fights. They were having so much fun. I was enjoying watching them laugh and have fun in the rain. It brought back memories of playing in the rain myself as a kid. I was trying to get pictures without getting my camera wet or ruined in the process. I was only able to get a couple pictures of the boys in the rain. Enjoy!

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