Monday, May 25, 2009

500 cupcakes

A couple months ago I received this cookbook called 500 CUPCAKES at one of our lady's nights out. My son Jacob loves to bake so he went through this book. One night he came to me and asked if we could make these lovely little ICE CREAM CONE CUPCAKES. I said we would when Mark and Dylan go to Ohio. So the next day I also looked them up online to see other ways to makes them. Some said to make the cupcake and them fill the bottom of the cone with surprising treats, then add the cupcake with frosting as glue to make it stay, some had you cook the cupcake in a cupcake foil and put the cone upside down on the batter and cook it that way or you could do it the way I chose which is fill the cone almost full with patter and let the cupcake bake all the way through the cone. I really think these would be cute for any kind of kids party or get together with children. There are so many ways to make and decorate them kids would have so much fun making them. WARNING! They are easy to fall over, I have to perfect that one as I will tell you after you see the pictures.

The cones in a mini cupcake pan

Yummy Batter, My favorite. I just love batter of any kind and my hips are showing it!

The cones filled. I thought I overfilled them.

See I filled them just perfect.

Decorated Perfectly!

Can't only have just ONE.

As you can tell I didn't mention Jacob because for some reason he had attitude and did not help. So I had fun all by myself. At the end of the evening I went to move the cupcake and half of them landed on the floor and counter. I would have taken a picture if the batteries hadn't died and I didn't leave my rechargeable ones at work recharging. So that is why I said be careful. I wish I had younger kids and parties to go to or have so I could have fun with little girls making some more of these.

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Merrianne said...

if you make all 500 cupcakes... feel free to send some here to Tennessee :) i'd love to eat 'em!