Saturday, March 14, 2009


Bike week is finally over and now I can get to packing. I am so excited loads of fun headed my way. Really I am excited just not about the packing part but because we did find a great house. Our new home will be away from all our friends on the other side of town but I am looking forward to the new adventure it is going to bring us. We are moving to Ormond on April 1st. This means the boys are switching schools (Jacob is the Guinea pig. We have already switched him 2 weeks ago). the other boys are not excited about it but love the house. We will have to change Wards, which is going to be hard/scary for me since I have never been to another Ward since I have become a member of the Church. I will miss all my friends but look forward to making new ones. The boys have already let me know I have to bring them to Port Orange every weekend to visit their friends.
Our new home is on N Beach St. not far from Tomoka State park. It is almost 3 times the size of the house we live in now. I am really looking forward to having the extra room. So we won't be right on top of each other. The boys will have their own living area that is separate from the main living area. I even get my own BATHROOM!! Woo Whoo!! I have been living with one bathroom for the past 6 1/2 yrs. Sharing it with the boys the last couple of years has been hard since they are getting older, it seems messier not neater and NEVER lift the seat up so they pee all over the seat and don't wipe it up. YUK!! Not only do I get my own bathroom but off the master bedroom is a 5 person HOT TUB just for me since the house is older and doesn't have a tub in the bathroom. I had certain requirements our new house had to have 1. 2 bathrooms each with a tub (I love my HOT baths) 2. a garage 3. 2 living rooms 4. at least twice the size of the house I have now 5. a walk in closet in the master bedroom. My new home has them all except the tub in the Master bedroom but the HOT TUB more than makes up for it.
I will miss all my friends but look forward to being able to entertain and invite them over to our new home. I can't wait for you all to see it!


Celeste said...

Moving stinks but when it's over it'll be nice. Call me if you need any help :)

Janet said...

Can't wait to see your new place. Party at the Evans!!!! :)