Thursday, March 26, 2009

Going down the river

I am playing catch up with my posts. A few weeks ago we took a lazy afternoon an went cruising down the river behind Mark's dad Wayne's house. Mark recently accuired a digy boat. So that he and one of the boys can go fishing. Since we are moving not far from Tomoka State Park and will live across the street from the river. It is so easy to navigate the boys just love it. I think it is so cute and I can handle it myself. Lately Jacob has accuired a taste and patience for fishing even though he doesn't eat fish he really wants to catch fish for dinner. The day we were out he wanted to catch a couple for Wayne to have for dinner. I thought that was so thoughtful. One day he will enjoy the taste of Seafood. Here are just a few pictures of our lazy day on the river.
Jacob trying to get away.

Jacob fishing

His fishing FACE!!

Here comes Mark and Dylan

And their they go!

Dylan the Gondolier

Mark trying to kill something

And ME!! This is the life>



Janet said...

Lucky. I want a boat like that. That will be so fun for you guys being able to do that all the time.

Rob, Brooke and Caleb said...

Pretty pictures! When are you moving?