Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finding that perfect place to live!!!

Trying to find the right place is so stressful. I set out on this mission saying that I wasn't in any hurry just wanting to find the right house with all the specific requirements I had laid out that it had to have and it has turned out to be the most stressful mission. I am loosing sleep thinking about the houses I have viewed that day. Is this one in a safe area for the boys to play in, does it have all my requirements (which you know none of them fit that description to a tee) but is it something I can live without if it is missing something. Last night after looking at 4 houses I came home took a bath and passed out before 8:30. I am so drained. Not only am I on the hunt for the perfect place to lay my head at night but I have to start packing the entire house before hand so I am not doing it at the last moment. Also at work this is our busy season so I will be working 6 to7 days a week until the middle of March. With all this and other things going on in my life I have been in an avoidance mode, just keeping to myself which isn't the right thing to do. I try not to do this but it is a hard habit to break. So to all my friends I haven't seen or spoken with I am sorry I haven't been around. Please pray for me, Thanks and much love, Annetta


Janet said...

Hang in there girl! You will make it. Sorry I haven't been more available with sick kids and everything. I am in Utah for the weekend. I'll talk to you when I get back.

Celeste said...

Let me know if I can help. I know moving stinks!!!!!