Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dylan the Tiger!!

A couple weeks ago we went to Beef O'Bradys for dinner. It happened to be school appreciation day for one of the elementary schools in the area. Each day of the week they sponsor a school and give discounts to student from that particular school that come in and eat at their establishment. Several of the restaraunts in the area do this and give back to the schools also. I think this is really great for our schools since so much is being taken away from them lately and our kids have to suffer because of it. That is another subject that I could go on and on about that just really gets to me. Well that evening they were offering face painting along with other things and Dylan being like his mom (ME) joined in to the crowd to get his face painted. I love doing that just as much as I love to put goofy hats on. It is part of the kid in me. So here are a few of Dylan's scarest faces he could come up with.

Click to play dylan the scary tiger!!
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