Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My boys are amazing!

It started with me being sick last week. I really wanted to get my tree up but didn't have the strength to do so I asked Jacob if he could at least put the White tree up. You don't have to decorate it just put it up. He put it up for and continued on to put up the Christmas village. We didn't have the display case to put it up so he decided to put it up in the entertainment center. I tried to help but wasn't much good. The next morning he got up and before school decorated my tree. We have two trees for the house but the other was going to the Ward to be decorated for the Christmas party there that was absolutely wonderful with great food (especially the deserts were Yummy!) and a satellite video of Santa from the North Pole for the kids. The just loved it! . It is home now and up. I have never put lights up around the house before and wasn't again this year even though we have the lights for the house. So when I came home with Jacob yesterday evening after work Jared had started putting lights up in the back of the house. Jacob sick wanted to help his brother so he got up on the roof with Jared to help him finish. It was going well until the lights blew because they had them all on the same plug. Mark came over the next day and helped Jared figure out the light problem. When I brought Jacob home from school. Jared and Jacob finished the wonderful lights around and on the roof. The boys put in white lights HOHOHO, blue and pink lights a present, and green w/multi colored lights a tree. They were so good to me while I have been under the weather and I just wanted to share how great I think my boys are. Thank you, Jacob and Jared.

I can't forget about Dylan because he was always checking on me because I barely got out of bed for two day. Taking my temp, trying to feed me and just staying close by making sure I was okay. Thank you, Turtle.

I love you all so much, MOM


Janet said...

Wow, those boys might have a career in Christmas light displays! Nice job!

Amy Kay said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a beautiful family. I like the pictures you took at the preserve, those are great, my boys would love to climb those vines and trees. Also, I like the letter you wrote to your boys, that was great. Maybe I should do that, I wonder if it would change the way they behave and treat me.
I am sorry you have been under the weather. I hope you feel better soon, and have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Come visit me again.
Amy in Georgia ;)

Heidi A. said...

I'm SO grateful too when any of the kids help out! Sometimes my being sick motivates(or reminds them) to help out more!
Hope you are feeling better!
You have a very nice blog!!!

Merry Christmas!