Friday, December 5, 2008

Dear Boys!

I want you to know how much I love you guys and I am so happy you are back home. I just have a few requests/wishes for you adorable young men. I know you can do these things for your mother.

Homework, please do it so I don't have to take your entire weekend away because I get on Webgrade and see big fat ZERO'S where there should be nice wonderful grades.

Chores, when doing your chores please take pride in doing them and before saying you are done ask yourself will MOM think this is done correctly so when I do get home from work and they are not started, completely done or just shoved to another spot trying to hide the mess I won't make you do it again, give a speech to you at the top of my lungs and you won't have to write hundreds of sentences and you know I mean hundreds because I am so tired to talking about the same things over and over again.

Fighting with each other. I know there is one of you that loves to bug the other two and get them going because you know you can. At times ther ohter egg it on also. I don't want to make you hug each other for hours telling each other that you love one another looking each other in the eyes not being able to move. I am going to do this very soon if you guys don't stop. The yelling and picking needs to stop. I know sibling spats are normal to some degree but at times you guys go overboard over everything you are fussing about.

Picking up after yourself is not hard to do. When you are done with whatever it may be you are using at the time Please! I am begging you to put it away or dispose of it properly. Let me give you examples of what mom is talking about. Clothes, put them in the laundry baskets not on the floor where you take them off. Put clean clothes away properly not shoved in corners, under beds or back in the laundry room so you won't have to open a draw and put them away correctly. It takes more energy to do the things you are doing to pretend they have been put away properly than it would have to put them away properly. Dishes, how many times do you go to the kitchen sink and you can't pick them up off the counter or table and walk them to the sink and clean it. Games/toys, leaving them in the living room not in there proper case is going to get them scratched or broken (as you well know, many have been destroyed for this reason). You have to go into another case to get another game out anyway so why not put the one you are done with in its proper case before you get next game out. I could go on for hours giving examples but I won't bore the world with all my venting on this subject when there is more you can do for your poor loving mother.

Hygiene: Not all of you have the same issues but you know who you are when I bring these up. Brushing your teeth. WHY? OH WHY? do I have to remind you all on a daily basis to do this task that you have had to do your entire life. Washing your hands, wipe you face, don't wipe your hands on your shirt, brush your hair, change your dirty shirt/pants (I have a child that just doesn't like to change if he is wearing his favorite clothes, he just doesn't care if it is dirty he wants to wear it over and over again). Air your shoes and feet out!! etc.

Sorry boys for venting on the blog but maybe you will see how desperately I am pleading with you to help your mother in these situations. You all are growing up to be wonderful little men and I only want the best for you all. I can't go on strike and since I have tried that knowing it doesn't work is not an option. So I am going to take drastic measures. THIS IS YOUR WARNING!! BEFORE IT HAPPENS SO DON'T SAY YOU DIDN'T KNOW I WAS GOING TO TAKE THESE GREAT AND WONDERFUL STEPS WHEN THE CONSEQUENCES BECOME HARDER THAN THEY ARE NOW ON YOU!




Janet said...

Good one! That makes me want to go clean my room, brush my teeth and do the dishes. :)

Heidi A. said...

Thanks, Annetta, for commenting on my blog. I appreciate you and the things that you shared on yours.
Thanks for being a like-minded person and for sharing of your challenges. It surely isn't easy! But, I appreciate your work and know that someday we'll be compensated for our losses.
Bless you!

SWIRL said...

Boys.. boys.. boys..
I am just going to copy and paste then print this post out and mount it on my wall...

glad to hear.. .I am not the only mom... with these SAME requests..

{the brushing teeth!} I know! I would think.. my mouth would taste awful!!

love the site