Saturday, November 1, 2008


I have been tagged. So here are 6 random interesting facts about myself!

1. I love being a MOM! My 4 children are the most important things in my life after My Lord and Savior.

2. I really love working on cars. Not that I would let Mark know this. I have always wanted to take a mechanics course. I don't like the getting dirty part of it but love the part about being able to work under the hood of a car, figuring out the problem, fixing it and it working properly. The satisfaction of being able to say I DID IT!

3. I am a true optimist. Always having Faith, Hope and a true belief in everything is possible and can happen even see it when it looks really gloom and impossible. I always see the positive. I do have breaking moments but the Lord is always there to guide me letting me know I am not alone. All things are possible in Him!!

4. I am an Adventurer/World Traveler (at least in my mind). I would love to travel the world to expereince new cultures, beliefs and ideas. I am always telling my kids that when they grow up I want them to spread their wings and fly. There is so much to see and expereince. My kids have been very fortunate to have been able to experience traveling on a regular basis. My daughter has been to most of the states and overseas. The boys travel to visit their father and his family where ever they are living at the moment.

5. I want to go to college and finish when I GROW UP!! I think I am almost there.


If you have read this you are Tagged!! Annetta

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Janet said...

Next time I need my oil changed, I know who to call!
Thanks for doing the tag. ☺