Thursday, October 30, 2008


Do you remember toe socks girls? The knee high, designs on each toes, rainbow stripes, funky socks. I always received them for Christmas as a little girl along with the pretty night gown and robe or cute little silky PJ's. I could always count on these things at Christmas. Well back to the socks. Today was funky socks day at the boys school. Part of the RED RIBBON WEEK CAMPAIGN. I had one pair left that my daughter didn't take from me. Dylan was all over them when I told him I had a pair of striped toe socks with candy canes on the toes. The other boys wouldn't wear funky socks to school. Dylan doesn't care what people think and loves to participate in all activities at school or contest. The Hoola Hoop is his favorite. He beat all the girls at Daytona Lagoon one day and on his birthday in 2007 we went to the Disney Street Festival the was Downtown New Smyrna. The Bue Sister were there. I was able to get them to bring him up on stage and sing to him. He was in Love. Well back to the point that day he won the Hoola Hoop contest being able to use the most hoola hoops without them falling down. 15 Hoola Hoops!! I love his adventurous side willing to try different things. Here are a few pictures of his Socks this morning.


Janet said...

I left a comment but it wouldn't post it, so here I am again.
I almost bought some toe socks at Target yesterday. I still might before winter is over. :)
Lucky girl to have a resident baker in your house!

Ally said...