Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lets Celebrate!!

October is a busy month for birthdays. I want to acknowledge loved ones and friends that are celebrating their big day during October. I am very fortunate to have two big days this month not only was I born October 5 but I was baptised on October 21. I want to Tell the following people Happy Birthday and I am so greatful they are in my life. Wayne (Mark's dad), Mark my sweetheart, Ali Boo my grown baby girl, Christina (Ali and her were born on the same day three years apart. Ali always said Tina was her birthday present), Jeanie and JP (Ali's sister and brother), Aunt Louanne, Celeste Child, Janet Harrison, Liz Beville, Lynne Lowry, Audrey Hnederson, Matt Schreck and to anyone else I might have missed that is Celebrating this month.
Have a Wonderful Day! Love, Annetta, Mark, Dylan, Jacob and Jared

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Janet said...

Happy Birthday girl!! I hope you have a great day tomorrow! Don't eat too much cake though. ha ha!