Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1 lb, YES!


Now let me tell you how I got on this journey. I am such a people pleaser (the stress that comes with this) and wanting to make everyone happy all the time, I don't like confrontations (I am shy by nature until I get to know you), my relationship with my EX and his wife wasn't/still isn't very good, being a single mother of 4 children. At the time a teenage daughter trying to push her limits finding her way and three young boys dealing with their parents not getting along and being ADHD, just trying to make ends meat with no real support system finally got to me. So about 3 years ago the summer of 2005, I got really depressed and finally had to go on medication for depression for about year. I gradually gained 40lbs. I had always been a size 1 to 3 my entire life never weighing over 115lb except during pregnancy. As I gained weight people say you are looking healthier because I was really skinny for my 5'6 frame. So I didn't think about how much I was/had gained until someone took a picture of me and I couldn't believe what I saw. Other people thought I was pregnant because I gained most of it in my stomach area. I felt bad but not bad enough to really do something about it until one of my boys started saying things to me about it. I tried detox diets, not eating still no getting off my lazy hind end and moving. So when I found out a couple of my girlfriends from church had started Weight Watchers (about 12 Weeks ago) and were going to meetings on Tuesday evenings and walking in the evenings. So I asked if I could join them on their walks and the next week I joined WW and started going to the meetings as well . I needed accountability and a support group. I have stuck with it through the ups and downs. I go weigh in even when I think I have just gained 5 lbs that week. I want to be held accountable with a reality check. So I am so excited to have reached the 10lb mark. We all need to take care of our selves because we deserve it and our families deserve us to be in the best shape for our health. So on daily basis I pray and thank My Heavenly Father for my friends who brought Weight Watchers into my life and pray for the strength that I need to do what is needed on this journey because it is not and overnight journey it is small steps you take to make your goal and to keep your goal for a lifetime. Thank You Girls!

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